What expats love about New Zealand

What expats love about New Zealand

New Zealand is in demand globally, with HSBC’s global Expat Explorer survey finding New Zealand to be one of the most highly-ranked places to move to and live for expats across the world. In fact when it comes to top countries in the world for expats, only Singapore is slightly ahead of us. Our beautiful scenery, relaxed lifestyle, friendliness and low dollar are all drawcards for those wanting to leave their home shores.

Nearly three in five (57%) expats in the country say they are more physically active than at home (only 15% disagree) and 55% believe their health has improved since moving. Overall, 77% say their quality of life is better in New Zealand.

The top 10 countries overall were as follows:

  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • Bahrain
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Taiwan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Switzerland

While New Zealand’s overall ranking was 2nd, this ranking is a combination of three different scores, for economics, experience (lifestyle, neighbours and ease of getting set up) and family (education and integration). In terms of economics, New Zealand ranked only 16th  out of 39 – still in the top half. For experience, though, New Zealand ranked first, due to the ease of setting up a home and integrating.  Family-wise, New Zealand ranked 2nd, with 76% of parents believing that their children are more healthy living in New Zealand.

Schooling also received a tick of approval, with 50% of parents saying the quality of education is higher than at home (only 8% believe the quality is lower). 68% of expat parents believe their children are more well rounded and confident from their time spent living in New Zealand.

“Living abroad allows people to realise a whole range of ambitions, “ said Dean Blackburn, Head of HSBC Expat.

“Learning new skills, enjoying a different culture or growing closer to loved ones through a shared adventure: these are just some of the rewards expats tell us they have enjoyed through their time in another country.

“As global mobility continues to increase, expat life is more attainable than ever before. Expats need services that keep up with their changing needs, as managing money overseas remains a challenge. Indeed, 74% tell us their finances have become more complex in some way since moving, which highlights the value of seeking help with this aspect of life.”

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