Step away from the ‘Buyagra’ and say no to the upgrade cycle

Congratulations. You’re on track with your mortgage payments and now you can afford a new kitchen/extension/holiday etc. Stop there. Just when your financial position starts to improve, YOU DO WHAT? You take on more debt.

What you’ve done is cranked up the incline on the treadmill, just when it had got easier to run no-where.

Why do we feel the need to upgrade our home?

Our need to upgrade our home is in part due to the chemicals in our brain. Dopamine is a chemical that gives us a natural high. In layman’s language, it’s Buyagra. It’s something that helps you shop. It’s when we get a reward – such as the new car, new bathroom and so on. You only actually need to think about the reward to get the dopamine running.

But as soon as we get the item we desire it’s suddenly not enough. That new house somehow “shrinks” and we “need” (read: want) to extend it. That’s what Buyagra is all about. Coupled with easy borrowing it becomes downright dangerous.

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We use other psychological failings to convince ourselves that we’ve borrowed against the mortgage so we’re being good. We didn’t take out a higher purchase or anything bad like that, did we? People think because it’s on the mortgage that it’s “good savings”.

The cold hard truth is that you’re not getting ahead by “needing” a new kitchen or bathroom every ten years.

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Living the debt-free high life.

A final piece of advice:  retrain the way you think. Learn to think with your cup half full when you see your house/car/TV and other belongings. Thank your lucky stars for having them, rather than dreaming about replacing them.

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