Consents for new builds on the rise in New Zealand

The number of construction consents for new homes in New Zealand is building this year, with particularly high growth in consents issued in Auckland.

A total of 2418 new homes have been consented this February, a 1.6% increase on the previous month and a 14% increase when seasonally adjusted.

The building consents figure also reveal a bounce back from the end of 2016, where consents dropped by 8.6% in November and 7.5% in December.

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New build consents translate to a billion-dollar construction activity; including alterations, the value of building work consented to in February totals $1.5 billion. This divides into $1.1 billion in residential wok and $410 million in non-residential work.

And it’s been a bumper year for new build homes in Auckland; 10,045 new home consents have been issued in the City of Sails in the year-ending February. This is the largest number of new build consents for a February year end since 2005, according to Statistics New Zealand.

However, a flurry of construction is possibly unsurprising, given the passing of the Auckland Unitary Plan allowing for intensification of housing.

Building consents issued in February are broken down into:

  • 1761 houses
  • 373 townhouses, flats and units
  • 225 apartments
  • 59 retirement village units

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Loan-to-value ratio changes in October 2016 have no doubt added a bit of a sweetener for those considering new builds; the deposit required for a new build is 10%, compared with 20% for the majority of existing properties.

But comparing consent rates with the previous year puts the rate of new build consents into perspective, according to Statistics New Zealand business indicators senior manager Neil Kelly says in a media release.

“While we saw a strongly adjusted increase this February, the actual number of homes consented was up only slightly from last year,” Mr Kelly says.

After reaching a 12-year high in mid-2016, the trend for the number of new homes consented has actually fallen overall, according to Statistics New Zealand.

What to factor in with new build homes

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