What is a rewards credit card?

If you’ve heard of credit cards, chances are you’ve heard of credit card rewards. Canstar takes you through exactly what a rewards credit card is.

If you’re a savvy spender though  – and pay your credit card religiously each month – a rewards credit card might be an attractive option – we all like being rewarded!

What is a rewards credit card?

A credit card overall is a form of unsecured personal loan that gives the cardholder access to a revolving line of credit. That revolving line of credit is accessed most usually via a small plastic card – hence, the credit card.

rewards credit card gives you extra benefits that you earn according to how much money you spend on your credit card. The bank converts your spending into rewards points, and when you redeem those points, the bank converts them into rewards for you.

There are four main types of rewards, and they are:

For more information about the different types of credit card rewards, and what they offer, click here.

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