Hey, big spender

Ever dreamed of living the high life? Having your own chef, chauffeur, butler? While such pampering is out of reach of most, scoring your own 24/7 personal concierge service could be easier than you think”¦

While credit card rewards such as frequent flyer points, cashback, merchandise and shopping vouchers are well-known and well-utilised by card holders, many consumers are unaware of another benefit attached to most platinum credit cards: a personal concierge service.

Need a recommendation for a good restaurant near the Piazza San Marco in Venice? Or a tour of the Grand Canyon? Perhaps you would simply like to know where the best antique shops are in Sydney, or whether it’s possible to rent a green limousine. A party planner for a six-year-old’s birthday? The electronic errands that your personal concierge can run for you are ““ excepting anything illegal, immoral or unethical – almost endless.

Many platinum or otherwise “premium” cards on the New Zealand market come with some form of concierge service and there is an extensive list of potential assistance they can provide, including:

  • Flight Information.
  • Sourcing, purchasing, and delivery of tickets for theatre shows, concerts, and sporting events.
  • Sourcing and arranging hospitality packages.
  • Providing details of events and shows in cities worldwide.
  • Referral and reservations for fine dining, restaurants, hotels, car rental and health clubs.
  • Mail/Fax travel destination package (major cities only).
  • Festivals/museums/music entertainment information.
  • Golf tee time information & reservations.
  • Shopping location information.
  • Floral arrangement and delivery.
  • Party planning for special occasions.
  • Arrangement and appointment booking of hairstylist/make-up artist for special event.
  • Arrangement and appointment with qualified personal fitness trainer.
  • Stress relief massage therapy.
  • Gift Sourcing.
  • Sourcing, purchasing and delivery of goods.
  • Referrals to conference and business services.
  • Computer rental, audio/visual equipment referrals & arrangements.
  • Help with relocating to another country.

It’s quite heady stuff!

Of course, there is a cost for this personalized 24/7 service in the form of the annual fee attached to typical “premium” credit cards. This annual fee ranges from $150 to $700 depending on the card chosen. Still, if you can justify the cost then pick up the phone. Your personal concierge is just a toll-free phone number away.

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