Rewards Programs: New ways to fly

  • Air New Zealand has made it easier to redeem flights with your rewards points with its unique “Airpoints advance” option. This allows you to borrow points to add to your total when you’re just that little bit short on the trip you have been planning. Naturally you have to satisfy certain criteria first but if you do, you’ll pay no fees to use Airpoints Dollars and no interest on the advance.When you next earn Airpoints Dollars, if you have used your Airpoints Advance, your Airpoints Advance will be paid back first. Airpoints Advance features on cards such as American Express, ANZ, BNZ Global Plus and Kiwibank.
  • Thursdays have turned into GoFly Thursdays at Kiwibank. This is the one day of the week Go Fly cardholders get exclusive access to grabaseat greenlightâ„¢ deals where, at the time of writing, you can grab a seat from $39 to anywhere in the country. These seats are limited but the offer is worthwhile checking out if you have a burning desire to visit friends in other parts of New Zealand.
  • ASB have all rewards bases covered. Not only can you use your rewards dollars for travel, you can also use your True Rewards card when shopping at participating stores. It’s similar to your EFTPOS card. At the point of sale, just swipe your True Rewards card in the EFTPOS machine, press “Credit”, then sign or enter your PIN. Presto, more rewards dollars added to your account.

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