5 things not to leave in your car this summer

The temperature is heating up, which means that you may need to be more mindful about what you leave in your car. Possessions that were just fine in cooler temperatures might not be so agreeable if left in your car on a hot day, which could end up being quite a costly mistake on your part. Here’s a list of things that are probably best removed from your car if you won’t be back for a while.

1. Your smartphone – most modern mobile phones have built-in sensors to warn you of and deal with excessive heat, but if left in the car on a hot day these functions might not be enough if the temperature inside the car climbs beyond what your phone can handle. It could damage the internal battery, which can lead to severely reduced battery life or simply leave your phone useless.

2. Aerosol cans – you might have a can of spray-deodorant lying around the car for times when you’re feeling less than fresh, but in summer having leaving any aerosol in your car is a bad idea full stop. They tend to explode at temperatures above roughly 48°C.

3. Prescription/over the counter medication – extreme heat can alter the chemical composition of medicine, meaning that your migraine pills could become anything from useless to toxic.

4. Lighters and gas bottles – reservoirs of flammable gas shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat. It’s as simple as that.

5. Plastic water bottles – if left in the heat, some of the chemicals found in plastic bottles could seep into your water, which would be extremely bad for your health if you drink the water.

Bottom line: it’s generally a good idea to keep your car clean of debris and miscellaneous possessions at all times, but in summer it’s imperative unless you fancy potentially doing serious damage to either your car, your possessions, or yourself.

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