Saving Money: 5 Cheapskate Habits Which Could Save You Load | Canstar

If you’re a university student and money is tight, every dollar counts. Here are five ways to cut down on spending:

1. Be supermarket savvy

It’s not a good move money-wise to fork out for brand-name foods when you can buy perfectly fine supermarket-branded alternatives for considerably less. Also buying things like rice and pasta in bulk will save you money. Local markets are a good way to get quality fruit and vegetables for prices that are generally lower than in the supermarkets.

2. Make your own meals as often as possible

You might be tempted to get coffee and a muffin with your friends every day, but bringing a premade meal from home as often as possible will save you huge amounts over the course of your studies.

3. Drink cheap

If you go out with friends for the night, try to find a bar that has a student night, because you’ll get drinks for half price or better. Pre-drinks at someone’s house will be cheaper again then most student night drink prices.

4. Don’t run straight to the campus bookshop

Ttextbooks are among the most expensive items students have to buy, but don’t buy them first hand just because you see them on your reading list. Investigate the opportunity to buy second-hand copies, or even see if your campus library has copies available for borrowing.

5. Be careful with your data

If you’re on a pre-paid phone, buying credit three or four times a month is going to throw a huge amount of money away. If you’re the type of person who can’t help but chew through huge amounts of data on your phone, take advantage of places with free wifi; public libraries, your university campus, and certain restaurants and cafes all offer their own wifi, which will cost you nothing.

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